Wattle Ornament by Outer Island


Wattle Ornament by Outer Island

79mm x 109mm

Hand-painted Wooden Ornament with jute twine / painted one-side. Designed and made locally in Sydney. Bring the magic of Australian nature into your home this year. Oh Golden Wattle, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… There’s nothing quite like being out and about while the Wattle’s in bloom. Brightly coloured, these native plants liven up the dullest of days above the soil or below. Like other wattles, the Golden Wattle hosts a helper bacteria at its roots which improves poor soil conditions helping it to grow. This mutualistic symbiotic relationship is a match made in heaven. Since this item is handmade, each ornament is slightly varied in patterning, texture, wood grain or burn.

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About the artist: Outer Island

Greetings from Outer Island, a pocket of paradise reimagining Australian souvenirs as sustainably made local goods that celebrate the magic of native plants, animals and habitats. The collaboration of Stephanie Chambers (artist) and Amy Ranck (designer), the Sydney based duo are avid birders, snorkelers and founders of the Sydney Bird Club. All products sustainably made in Australia.