Trees of Historic Berry Book


Trees of Historic Berry by Peter Milthorpe and Hazel King

Beautifully bound with a coloured dust jacket, Trees of Historic Berry is crammed with photographs and details of hundreds of trees in the Berry area.

Peter Milthorpe has spent his life working on plant identification and the sustainable use of land. Peter continued this passion when he retired to Berry by documenting the trees in the town area. 
Working with Hazel King, they devised a way to make tree identification easier for everyone. By grouping the trees according to leaf shape, it is possible to find the name of a tree, using a few simple rules.

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About the book: Trees are the lifeblood of the human race. Covering the earth and cleaning our air, they are pivotal to our existence and enjoyment of life. Across Australia, there are special places where a diversity of trees thrive even in crevices on mountain sides. The historic town of Berry is just such a place. Blessed with an almost ‘Goldilocks’ climate for different trees, hundreds of varieties of native and exotic species grow there. Each species is waiting to be explored, admired and photographed.

You too can use this simple identification system of photographs and short descriptions found in Trees of Historic Berry to identify and learn about them. There are also brief notes about the origins and uses of the 218 trees described. Many of these species are common in other parts of Australia.

With very few exceptions all species have been photographed in and around Berry. This makes the book a true historical record of the streets, parks and landscape of this great Australian country town.

Trees of Historic Berry is not just a reference for the area but is a visual reflection of the amazing variety of trees in Australia.

About Berry: Berry is on the south coast of NSW. It is renowned for its trees which shape its outstanding beauty and culture. Trees of Historic Berry contains spectacular photographs and simple descriptions of 218 evergreen and deciduous trees growing in the parks and streets of the town. But more than that, it provides simple information to easily identify each species, learn where they are from and much more.