Plug Into Your Imagination Book by Kim Carty


The Plug Into Your Imagination Activity Book focuses on inspiring young creative writers. Whether your child loves creative writing or finds it tricky, this book is perfect for them! A fun, educational resource that offers pages of story starters, scaffolding guides, persuasive writing, journalism, comic book and drawing activities that will keep children engaged and inspired to create their own world of stories. Features: 

  • Story starters to give children a head start and help them write their own story. 
  • Scaffolding guides to assist and support students during the creative writing process. 
  • Story planning and brain storming examples and template. 
  • A variety of different story writing activities that will help them grow their confidence with creative writing and keep them interested 
  • Comic book and Journalism activities 
  • Book cover design and illustration activities 
  • Proudly designed and printed in Australia 
  • A4 size, bright colourful cover with 40 black and white inside pages to encourage your child to colour in illustrations and to add their own illustrations 
  • A workbook of their very own that they can personalise and be inspired by 
  • Suitable for ages 7 plus 
  • Reviewed by primary school teachers

About Kim Carty 

Kim Carty is the artist, designer and author of the “Plug Into” series of activity books. 
With a love of colour, nature and simplicity and with inspiration from her two children she started the journey of designing activity books after not being able to find an Australian made activity book with quality and engaging content in the market that her children would be inspired by! Kim is passionate about designing products that are visually inspiring, creates curiosity and activates the mind. With a passion for nature and the knowledge of how important getting out in nature and using our imaginations is for our mental and physical health. Kim wanted to encourage children to unplug from the digital world and connect to the natural world around them and learn about the amazing plants and animals. Through her books she hopes that children will be able to open their eyes to the environment and green spaces around them and discover, learn and connect with the wonders that they see, while also focusing on how important our environment is and why we play an important role in learning about and protecting it.

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