Helen Shin

-helen-shin.selfportrait-2021-copy.jpgAbout the Artist: Helen Shin
Marsfield, NSW

I translate my drawings and textile designs into ceramic art pieces that are hand built using porcelain clay. My inspiration comes from my mother who used to create designs with fabrics and wools for myself and my siblings when we were younger.

My textile designs are created using lines, dots, curved shapes, geometric designs and simple repetition onto my ceramic pieces. When mixing and matching these designs the outcome tends to be very unique.

With the completion of fabrics textile patterns, I add a unique design stitched pattern into the middle of my artworks such as birds, rabbits, flowers, cactus, and trees with flying birds. Once I finalise my design I like to paint the piece again with 12 karat gold to provide contrast and to juxtapose a more modern aesthetic against the traditional patterns.

Now I would like to share happy joyous feelings with other people through my own handmade design ceramics.

Helen will have more work available at our in person exhibition in March 2022.