Tracy Hopkirk

About the Artist: Tracy Hopkirk
Mittagong, NSW

For as long as Tracy have been making jewellery she has always had an appreciation for metals, precious and non-precious in their natural state. She loves metal for what it is, weathered copper, rusty steel, pure silver and 22 carat gold being her favourites. Tracy says she was 'old school' trained. She learnt how to use a hammer properly, how to form metal using hammers and stakes. This training has had a big influence on the work she does now, 30 years on.

Tracy was trained in jewellery and silver smithing at SCA in 1977 and from this training she developed an ability to melt and pour her own precious metals, something she still does to this day. She uses fine silver in her work because she finds it has a natural beauty, a milky appearance; it is very soft and perfect for setting big stones. She also loves pearls for their natural beauty and with these she likes to use small amounts of 22ct gold. Tracey likes her work to have an ancient appearance and although it has a meticulously high standard of workmanship, she deliberately leaves the metal with soft hammered finishes. She also likes to create old fashioned hand-made attachments to her neckpieces, earrings etc.