Robyn Mayo

-robyn-mayo-image-copy.jpgAbout the Artist: Robyn Mayo
Botanical Artist

Plants and gardens have always been a part of Robyn’s life and an inspiration for her creativity.

Robyn spent her childhood on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales where her love of landscape combined with an inquisitive eye for botanical detail set the scene for her unique Australian paintings. Robyn studied art in Sydney and Paris in her twenties with later visits to Japan influencing her complex technique.

Each painting expedition Robyn has undertaken has given her a deeper understanding of the heart of our island continent. She was inspired by the beauty of the harsh landscape and has developed a deep respect for the Australian Aboriginal communities, who have made these areas their home for thousands of years. Robyn especially admired their understanding of the seasons and geology, in particular, their knowledge and appreciation of the medicinal and nutritional properties contained within Central Australia’s vegetation.