Meredith Woolnough



About the Artist: Meredith Woolnough
Mereweather, NSW
Embroidered Artworks

Meredith Woolnough's elegant embroidered drawings capture the beauty and fragility of nature in knotted threads. Vibrant coloured structures of organic shapes hover effortlessly above the surface, elegant and enchanting. At first glance, they look like strange scientific specimens. However, closer inspection reveals a painstaking production process that elevates the work to another level. Through the use of freehand machine embroidery and soluble materials, Meredith is creating the natural world anew. The delicate application of the simplest of stitches has been used to create wondrous artworks that revere the beauty of life itself and inspire us to rejoice at the world we live in. Meredith takes direct reference from physical specimens when creating new pieces, taking care to examine and understand the construction of her subjects. “The more I work with natural forms, the more I find myself drawn into the science of nature. I am fascinated by the way things are built, the way they grow and function. I often find myself marvelling at the perfection of a single leaf or the phenomenal beauty of a coral reef and it can be quite overwhelming at times—almost spiritual.” Meredith’s stitched specimens alternate between studies of individual specimens and arrangements of repeating elements in the one installation. The work has a clear modern aesthetic, both compelling and memorable. To present the work, Meredith has developed a mounting technique using pins on a backing board that makes her work float above the surface. The creation of shadow adds to the organic effect, evoking memories of scientific study and museum objects. Meredith’s work held in public and private collections worldwide.

Meredith will have more work available at our in person exhibition in March 2022.