Lisa Hoelzl

-portrait-lisa-hoelzl-credit-brendan-read-portrait-copy.jpgAbout the Artist: Lisa Hoezl
Sydney, NSW

My work combines a life-long love of painting with my more recent 12-year obsession with ceramics, born from teaching art to many different community groups from my Bakehouse Studio Marrickville. This series of totems takes inspiration from one of my favourite Australian women artists, Margaret Preston who from the beginning of the 20th century until 1963 was prolific in her search for a uniquely Australian art to replace the continual importation of European styles. As a humidicrib of uniquely Australian flora, Preston’s work and my homage installation also pays respect to the Botanic Gardens as a continual source of inspiration.

As city dwellers we can easily be reminded of the bush in the tranquil spaces of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. My work reflects many of the birds, flowers and plant forms found here and allows visitors to take them home.