Emma Young

-emma-young-portrait-shot-by-sven-kovak-72dpi-1-copy.jpgAbout the Artist: Emma Young
Hawthorn, SA
Glass Artist

Working out of the Jam Factory glass studio in Adelaide, Emma Young enjoys exploring different techniques with each new developing work. Emma Young makes local references in her glass artwork and is inspired by common experiences. Themes often involve nostalgia, pride in local icons, and personal childhood memories. The prickly pear is a terribly widespread weed. Perhaps you have memories of the prickly pear from your grandparents' farm, or one in the neighbour's front yard. How can something so dry and sharp produce such vibrant flowers and juicy fruit without requiring maintenance? It's a stunning display of perseverance and thriving against all odds. I like the basic innocence of admiring the wacky formations of the prickly pear plant, while subconsciously knowing it is not native to our landscape and frankly quite a nuisance for many gardeners and conservationists. The prickly pear seems dynamic and relatable, demanding we admire its gnarly beauty. Interpreting this cactus into blown glass leads to limitless combinations of colour and form, with an exciting 'hot-joining' technique where the artwork transforms before one's eyes. Emma is admittedly a tragic green thumb, but 'growing' glass plants is a way to create animated life... that doesn't require any watering!

Product Photography by Michael Haines Photography, Portrait by Sven Kovak, Studio Photo by Rosina Possingham

Emma will have more work available at our in person exhibition in March 2022.