Colleen Southwell


Colleen's works for the online exhibition have sold out but there will be more available at our in-person exhibition in March 2022. 

About the Artist: Colleen Southwell
Mullion Creek, NSW
Botanical and Entomology Artist

Drawing on a background in horticulture and a life spent with her hands in earth, Colleen's art practice is a celebration of the beauty of nature, both wild and cultivated. She aims to challenge that contemporary quest for manufactured perfection, suggesting instead that beauty exists in its most perfect form in nature, and in the miraculous life under foot that is too often passed by. Reminiscent of botanical and entomology specimens and alluding to objects of study, Colleens intricate paper sculpture works are intended to be observed closely. Through each piece she invites the onlooker to pause, engage the imagination and delve deeper into a personal connection with the natural world. The creative process requires her to do the same. Colleen aims to draw attention to the beauty and fragility of our natural environment. The delicate nature of each piece requires a gentle and respectful hand, as does the subject itself. Only through slow and mindful attention to detail can she create. The meticulous process of making, the use of fine paper, and the employment of shadows as a transient ethereal feature of the work, further reflect the fragility of the subject. Each piece aims to revere not replicate, advocating nature as the ultimate artist. The body of work Colleen is presenting for Artisans in the Gardens is a celebration of spring in the gardens and the hopefulness that it brings through the emergence of new life.

Colleen will have more work available at our in person exhibition in March 2022.