Brigit Heller

-portrait-copy.jpegAbout the Artist: Brigit Heller
Lancefield, Vic

Although fascinated by the rigid strength that different metals offer, I use a variety of mixed media in the creation of my mostly 3-D works. Traditional techniques and processes like weaving, forging and crocheting are re-imagined and appropriated in the pursuit of creating larger than life experiences for the audience. You are invited to walk amongst forged copper plants or explore giant woven seed-pots. Intricately woven copper leaves are protected by glass cylinder, reminding us of exotic plants that require protecting. Largely influenced and inspired by natural forms, my works attempt to reintroduce a connection and familiarity with the natural world. Materiality, namely the use of recycled materials that support the creation of the unpredictable and irregular are important aspects of my works.

Portrait of Brigit by Zoe Phillips

Brigit will have more work available at our in person exhibition in March 2022.